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CareerPro USA, LLC, a Professional Resumé, Career Management and Outplacement firm located in the Philadelphia area, (610) 565-1678 or (215) 639-3540 offers resumé writing and career services to Job Seekers and Employers, and works with Senior-level Executives, Professionals, and Entry-level Individuals, who are ready for a new, larger challenge, in a different organization, another industry or a new career path.  We help clients to achieve the highest, best use of their professional, academic and personal skills, and the maximum earnings feasible given their talents and experience.


We provide self-marketing tools and assistance to clients in search of better employment for financial and personal growth.  Our full set of resumé services are tailored specifically to your needs.

Your resume has a life expectancy of 10 - 15 seconds with each potential employer; then, it is forgotten.  A well-crafted Resumé or Executive Resumé Portfolio can differentiate you from the crowd -- critical in today's competitive job market.

The purpose of a resumé is to obtain an interview.  If your resume does not have the essential elements, it will not be considered.  It persuades a hiring manager that you have the professional, academic and personal skills necessary for the job.

For us to create an effective presentation of your best qualities, we first draw upon our wide knowledge of all of the different styles and formats of resumes in use today.  From there, we will create a  draft.  The resulting resume is not just conceived as a door opener.  It is designed to keep working for you after the interview, when it is circulated to other key people in companies or recruiters that are considering you.  The staying power of a resume conceived and written by CareerPro is strong.  It is much less likely to be discarded or ignored.


CareerPro resumé writing and professional career services are for entry-level job seekers and new college graduates; professionals and middle-level managers ; and, executives. 

We offer Resumés/CVs, Executive Resumé Portfolios, Career Counseling, Interview Coaching, Company Searches and Outplacement Services -- all customized to your requirements.

In addition, employers find our services very helpful in coping with the unpleasant task of employee separation.

Career Management

We work for clients so that they can achieve improved job satisfaction, career growth potential and a work environment conducive to their well-being.  Our consultations will convey insights about what might be realistic in your future career and your available options, plus a plan for quickly attaining desirable career advancement.


It becomes a marketing challenge -- seeking a customer or hiring manager for you, the product.  So how do you market your self effectively?


CareerPro provides qualified professional guidance to senior managers and professionals in transition and who are in need of personal mentoring, career coaching and a package of career management services in their current position.  We use 21st Century technology and have experienced, professional consultants to move the client's career to the next level.


Career advancement need not be a struggle, but rather an efficient and effective process of gaining job satisfaction, career growth and financial security.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve the optimum that their personal skills, work history and marketability will permit.  It is about planning and strategy.

How Does It Work?

CareerPro believes that you have a unique set of capabilities - professional skills, academic training, competencies, personal characteristics and special talents - that differentiate you from another.  Our objective is to identify the qualities for those of you in transition or contemplating a career move.  We build self-confidence and develop your skills needed for you to identify and secure a career position that is meaningful and satisfying.  CareerPro provides individualized attention and customized programs delivered effectively by former executives with substantial corporate experience.

Many senior-level executives and professionals are in a quandary about their career.  You may need to make a career change because you are not satisfied with your position, or organizational changes is forcing a move.  It is important that you make the “right move.”  However, you are not sure about the next steps to make, and are concerned with important issues, such as age, education, job-hopping, career stagnation, discrimination or other factors, which may affect your options in today’s job market. 

CareerPro's mission is to provide our clients with cutting edge technology coupled with real executive mentors.  Our professional staff has actually held high-level management positions, e.g., Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Finance, Operations, General Management, not in Academia, Psychology, Sociology or Human Resources.  We understand business.  We understand what you do!

CareerPro offers mid- and senior-level individuals in management, accomplished professionals and technical experts, the advice, strategies and support necessary to effect positive career change and job growth.  We are recognized for measurable career management change.  With our depth of experience and strategic approach, we have continually proven that the right position exists for every individual consistent with their educational credentials, practical exposure, level of responsibility, individual skills and personal management style.  Our services are specifically designed to meet individual needs.

Don't delay until you become frustrated and accept something below your capabilities.  Begin your career search by taking advantage of our Free Resumé and Career Assessment offer.   It will help you make important career decisions now!  We look forward to working with you soon. 

CareerPro has assisted more than 4,000 job seekers in locating rewarding careers for more than 30 years.  We have one (1) location in suburban Philadelphia.

Please do not confuse us with others who may have similar names.  Our services and capabilities vary widely from theirs.


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